REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd recognizes that well defined, understood, and agreed upon objectives are essential to the successful execution of a project. Accordingly, a list of objective following the start of work has been established. Achieve the highest level of managerial and operational resources dedicated to the project.
Achieve the quickest possible start in project execution and improve the startup dates of both phases.
To satisfy the project’s main objectives, project management develops at the outset of the project, the project mission statements. The statement will ensure that all project team members are fully aware of the project, targets and objectives.
REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd mission statement for LSTK project can be summarized as follows;
Maximize design, operational and construction safety; ensure total compliance with county authority regulations. Achieve earliest plant design during engineering, procurement and construction. Maintain project confidentiality throughout the project. Establish excellent communication between task force and client team members by formal team building sessions.


Upon contract award REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd will select the most suitable project team personnel, in accordance with the specific needs of the project, this project team may vary according to project magnitude and schedule required. In any case, the project wills satisfy the project demands.
The composition of the proposed team, which is essentially shown in the project master organization chart included at the end of this section.


Finished projects


Expert Team Members




The engineering team for project is organized under the direction of a project manager. The Project manager is responsible to the client and to REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd management for an efficient and economical administration, coordination of engineering, construction and progress of all phases of the project.

On major projects, one or more project Engineers and Construction managers are assigned to assist the project manager with day to day running of the engineering and construction works.
On each project, coordination personnel from the various Engineering and Procurement Departments report to the Project Manager for specific project directions, this personnel report functionally to their own Department Head for method control and employee relations.
This form of organization allows every client to have a responsible project manager and project team working only on the project.
The project manager, being fully informed, approves and periodically revises the engineering and construction schedule and the actual costs and commitments prepared by the project and Cost Control Departments.
It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to coordinate all design and procurement activities, with the construction manager. A filed project engineer is assigned to ensure the continuity and interpretation of design and drawings.


Project Engineering and drafting resources, are developed in the appropriate specialist section of REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd home office, which are based on international standards.

Engineering and procurement services for LSTK projects to be done in places where an engineering structure is not available, is analyzed on a “case by case” basis, according to engineering disciplines and workload availability. According to project location, engineering can be developed with the same high quality standard.
The engineering organization shall be under the direction of the Engineering Manager. The Engineering Manager shall be assisted by specialized engineers, in order to perform in a proper manner each of the involved activities.


The project engineering activities are under the responsibility of Project Engineers, assigned to the project team, who reports to the project. The Project Engineers coordinate the work of specialist engineers and drafting supervision.

The drafting supervisor is responsible for checking that the proper manpower is assigned to meet the schedule, reviews drafting progress, prepares drawing list, releases design data as approved by the Project Engineer, releases certificate vendor’s drawings to various sections, reviews drawings before transmittal to the Project Engineer.

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