REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd recognizes that well defined, understood, and agreed upon objectives are essential to the successful execution of a project. Accordingly, a list of objective following the start of work has been established. Achieve the highest level of managerial and operational resources dedicated to the project. Achieve the quickest possible start in project execution and improve the startup dates of both phases. To satisfy the project’s main objectives, project management develops at the outset of the project, the project mission statements. The statement will ensure that all project team members are fully aware of the project, targets and objectives. REALEDEHSONS Engineering & Global Merchandise Ltd mission statement for LSTK project can be summarized as follows; Maximize design, operational and construction safety; ensure total compliance with county authority regulations. Achieve earliest plant design during engineering, procurement and construction. Maintain project confidentiality throughout the project. Establish excellent communication between task force and client team members by formal team building sessions.